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    We can help ensure your Virginia real estate becomes valuable resources for organizations throughout Virginia.

    Help improve your local Virginia community by making a Virginia real estate donation with us. Whether you own a Virginia vacant industrial property, Virginia vacant commercial property, we can help ensure your Virginia real estate becomes valuable resources for organizations throughout the state.

    We would like to help you take your Virginia real estate and transform it into a much-needed Virginia real estate donation, benefiting your local Virginia community and you!

    We are the number one Virginia real estate donation charitable organization in the United States. We are here to help you maximize your federal tax savings once you choose Virginia real estate donation. Thousands contact us every month in need of help and support. will make your donation fast and easy with absolutely no out-of-pocket expense from you. Call today at 1.888-228-7320 to make your next Virginia land donation.

    We take on the work, your responsibility stops when you donate.
    We are ready to take on the gardening and maintenance, and ready to pay all the bills! Your responsibility ends when you make a land donation with us. Release your liability by donating your property now. Our organization is uniquely qualified to successfully complete all types of Virginia land donations. Save yourself thousands in future taxes and liabilities by giving with us today.

    One quick call to our team members could earn you thousands this year. Give your Virginia property the right way; give with our expert donation team now. has the needed expertise to quickly wrap-up any type of Virginia real estate donation.

    If you’d like to donate a Virginia vacant home, real estate, Virginia vacant commercial building, or Virginia industrial property, dedicated team members you need will quickly wrap up any type of Virginia real estate donation. Call us today at 1.888-228-7320 or contact us online through our Virginia real estate donation form. We are here to help any day of the week.

    We are one of the few charities still focused on Virginia real estate donations. If you’ve been refused by another charitable organization, contact our team instead. will take in your Virginia real estate donation and transform it into lasting resources for those who need your help most; while providing you with a full market value tax deduction.

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