Charitable Gift Annuity Donations, Much easier than selling! Many properties accepted. Saves You Big! Your real estate donation is a lifeline for our beneficiaries and the direct principal support for your annuity payments throughout the life of your charitable gift annuity.

Charity Gift Annuity

Donate to charity and still earn yearly income in return!

If you would like to walk away from property free and clear and still save on this year’s taxes or, even better earn real income for your gift to charity, donate today through our team and inquire about a charitable gift annuity.

Making a real estate donation of a home, of vacant land or even completing a full commercial property donation with our team is fast and always 100% free. With a charitable gift annuity added to your giving package, you could earn real income for life to further extend your rewards!
The donation of your real estate, regardless of condition, and the formation of a charitable gift annuity will provide a guaranteed yearly payment to you for life. This payment can extend to the life of your spouse in most cases.

Let our teams provide you maximum income based directly on the fair market value of your real estate all without any out-of-pocket expense from you!

To determine how much your annuity will be our nonprofit will look at national standards and the overall market value of your property; we also look at current market conditions to determine the viability of liquidating your property efficiently to fund your annuity and get you paid quickly. We are here to help you make a complete real estate donation, but a key element is a qualified tax professional. This will ensure you reach your maximum tax savings and goals.

To start your donation, and to see if your real estate qualifies for charitable gift annuity, pick up the phone or submit your donation details below.

Begin Your Charitable Gift Annuity today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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