Real Estate Donation FAQ - Donate EasilyWe've gathered the most frequently asked property donation questions below, enjoy!

  • How complicated and how long will the real estate donation process take?

    The donation process varies from property to property as an array of factors can affect the process. Among these are a number of encumbrances ranging from civil liens to unpaid property taxes. Every effort on our behalf is made to ensure this possible issue passes as simply and timely as possible from the initial to the final transfer of property title.

  • How will I know if Real Estate Donation is willing to accept my charitable donation?

    Provided receipts of all documentation and information, Real Estate Donation can determine if the possible property donation can be received as a charitable donation.

  • Who pays the expenses?

    Real Estate Donation generally accepts the responsibility of covering the incurred costs during the donation of appreciated property. There are however exceptions to this under certain circumstances such as an agreement to share the acquired expense of your charitable donation. (I.E., Title insurance, property insurance, environmental testing, probate or other issues and costs)

  • What costs can I expect to incur during the donation process?

    The donor usually remains responsible for all of the regular costs associated with the property until the acquisition of the donated property by the Real Estate Donation, possibly including, but not be limited to all taxes, bills, and mortgage fees. There are of course exceptions to this as every donation is analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if I am missing important documentation?

    In result to transactions taking place through a title company or another agent for the donor such as an attorney, a title search will be performed to ensure that any paperwork necessary is procured so that Real Estate Donation may proceed with the acquisition of the donation estate.

  • At what point will my responsibility to the Real Property end?

    The donor's responsibility ceases to end upon the property’s acquisition by Real Estate Donation.

  • What states will you accept my real estate donation from?

    We accept properties in all 50 states and US territories . With very few exceptions we will do what it takes to accept your generous donation.

  • Where do I start?

    You can start either by completing a form for the property donation here or by calling us at (888)-888-7187. If you aren't quite ready we are available and willing to answer any and all questions you may have.

  • Do I need to be present at the time of the closing?

    At the time of the closing, all necessary paperwork has already been completed so the presence of the donor is unnecessary. The actual closing itself will be a paper transaction that occurs once all legal requirements for the transfers of your charitable donation have been completed. If in fact there are any additional issues that arise, usually in regards to the title search, all parties involved shall be properly notified. Should this occur, the arise issue is simply a matter of signing additional documents to resolve the issue.

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