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Land Donations to Charity

Charitable Land donations - Donate Land

Making a full land donation through our team allows you to give back to charity and provide thousands in tax savings for yourself. If your land is near foreclosure or is costing you too much to keep each year you can walk away free and clear through our team.You can also avoid huge end of year capital gains for a land parcel that has gained in value. You can even donate a bundle of investment properties all at once to increase your savings! Contact our teams today to learn about just how easy it is to give back to charity through land donation, home donation, or any other type of real estate donation. And you can donate from any state!

Why Donors Give througn Real Estate

The team at Real Estate is made up of caring individuals and team members who are with you seven days a week ready to help you maximize your property investment through donation. Our experts can help you eliminate all liabilities tied with your property, help you produce thousands for charities in your area and allow you to walk away from a property free and clear. We are here seven days a week when you are ready to learn more about land donation to charity.

Land donation advantages through real estate

A free and clear way to walk away from a failing land donation; even one that is near foreclosure.
You can also save big on this year's taxes by avoiding capital gains or, through fair market value tax deduction, eliminating end of your tax obligations on the federal level altogether.
Not to mention, every land donation to charity can provide thousands for a family or several families all at once; we can even give back to your favorite community programs, just let us know in advance!

We are here for you seven days a week and ready to help you save big through land donation to charity. Learn more about giving back now by calling 1-888-228-7320 or by completing our online land donation form. You can donate for many states including Hawaii and Alaska and can donate property in almost any condition. Call today to find out more.

Donate Land with Real Estate Donation today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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