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Real Estate Donation Supports:

Youth Development

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy~ 35th US President (1961-63)

Youth Development Programs

Through stable leadership and longstanding positive relationships, we help children to obtain their full potential. By fostering such bonds we help to improve the leaders of tomorrow. Stability is crucial to a child's development, wherever that stability comes from. Through comprehensive care and nurturing we help to ensure the best possible success of the next generation.

Everyone can use help now and then, and by helping those who will lead us, we ensure the best possible future for all.

  • Real Estate Donation and The Giving Center is proud to support those needing educational assistance in many forms.
  • Many children need your help to have the tools to succeed. Give them the support they deserve.


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Foster Care

By giving to the foster care system you can make a tremendous difference in both the heart and mind of a child's life and your own.

Foster Care Program Support

Unconditional care
All children deserve the absolute best that we can give to them. No child should be denied a chance to succeed in life and every child deserves to try. Real Estate Donation supports foster care because we are determined to enrich the lives of those less fortunate. Through aiding county agencies, schools and other providers we ensure that children and families are given the care they so desperately need.

  • Children around the world and right in your home state need your help..
  • Give a Property donation and help a foster child dream and achieve a brighter future!

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Elderly and Disabled

With your help we will continue to strengthen our support for Adults, Elderly care and Disabled care programs.

Disabled and Elderly Care

To those generations past, that have helped to shape the world we have now, that have helped to shape us to be who we are now, we give our support. Your donation helps Real Estate Donation in our fight to support the elderly and disabled. We do this through aiding retirement homes, seniors who need more direct help with bills, and to those who need food and shelter. And for those disabled and often unable to help themselves we give our aid to. Through providing for care facilities and community programs we aid those less enabled to continue on.

  • Your gift helps supplement growing elderly care costs for families caring for their loved ones
  • Your Property donation gift to charity can help grow special needs programs right in your community!

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Educational Programs

A Property donation = backpacks, school supplies and continued after school programs for children in need.

Support Educational Programs

It is no secret that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. As such we give aid to school and after school programs to equip students with the best possible chances of succeeding in school. We cover care on a large scale through building, afterschool care, and supporting K-12 schools as well as providing small scale support through classroom materials, clothing and transportation. Your Property donation can assist thousands of students and ensure that they are properly equipped to succeed.

  • Give to schools, after-school programs and k-12 students through Property Donation
  • We Put computers in the hands of students with your help!

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Animal Rights

Your Property donation gift will support animal rights groups and animal shelters who each day fight to improve the lives of animals

Animal Rights

Its no secret that we love our animal companions, and want to provide the best possible care for them. But for those animals that don't have a loving home they desperately need our aid. Animal rights are an issue that many of us feel strongly for, as no one likes to see an animal in pain or being mistreated. As such we utilize your donations to aid animal shelters and care centers, many of which are entirely nonprofit. With your help we aid the fight against animal cruelty and all those who fight for the rights of our animal friends.

  • Most animal shelters rely entirely on donations. Your gift means they can continue their service to the community.
  • Abandoned & Neglected pets receive a second chance through Property Donation

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Faith and Religion

We believe in the message of the Christian church and can transform your support into growth for churches and religious Non-Profits

Faith and Religion Programs

Our network was founded on Christian ideals. It is well known that faith plays an important role in most communities and families as well as individuals. As such we provide care and service to faith based centers, regardless of denomination, in need of support. A strong community bound by its faith is a caring community, and we like to share in that care.

  • Christian outreach programs all over the world depend on Property donation
  • A New Church roof could be made possible by a donation from you!

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Other Causes

We offer charity incubation for great causes just getting started or existing causes in need of support

charity support programs

Real Estate Donation is committed to helping others. As such we lend support and care to any group or organization of a like mind. If you know of a charity that could use some support or are a part of one, we would love to lend them a hand. You can let us know via online, or through mail. As always we want to ensure the best possible chances for success of all.

  • Your Property Donation can support all types of charitable causes!
  • All Charities can receive assistance with us and with your help!

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