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    Charitable property donations Texas - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    The equity from your Texas real estate donation continues to give to the Texas charitable causes you care about most.

    Donate your Texas real estate and watch it continue to live on through the benefits it gives to those in need. From school supplies and food, to property and cash, ensures that the most value from your Texas real estate donations goes to those who need the most.

    Unlike other forms of donation, your Texas real estate donation is based on the appraised value, conducted by an independent appraiser, not the potential sale price. Often you can even use a county market value assessment and save even more! Learn your options for determining market value through our experts or our FAQ Page. Seven days a week, we are available to help you secure market value for your Texas real estate donation.

    Valuation of your home could determine the exact federal tax savings you earn this year. Make sure you earn maximum value through our teams expertise. Seven days a week you can reach us online through our Texas real estate donation form. You can also contact us anytime over the phone at 1-888-228-7320.

    Whether you are looking to donate a Texas vacant industrial property donation, Texas commercial land donation, or Texas vacant recreational land donation, helps secure you more. is one of a select number of charities that is able to take up all manner of Texas real estate donations. From Texas industrial property to Texas recreation real estate, we accept all Texas real estate in almost any condition. Contact a helpful expert to learn more about your donation options for your Texas real estate. All you have to do is call!

    The IRS is now offering a chance to secure full market value for a home, on the form of a federal tax deduction. One tax deduction could earn you thousands off on this year’s taxes. A tax deduction to charity could earn you years of tax savings beyond this year. Call and ask us more.

    Don’t pay real estate fees any more, ensure your Texas goals for donation are met with
    Avoid costly fees common with selling Texas real estate. Don’t pay next year’s real estate fees. Secure fast service while still guaranteeing a free and clear transfer. Contact when you are ready to make your Texas real estate donation.

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