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    Your New York real estate donation takes just a few short minutes through our free New York donation service. Contribute to the needs of your New York community while you get rid of an old, unprofitable real estate investment costing you money each year. We can help earn you a federal tax deduction and other great rewards for your New York real estate donation!

    Don’t hold onto a New York property that keeps losing market value; donating may be the best option with You will feel good knowing you have directly provided necessities to the betterment of your New York community; Let go of a costly real estate investment no longer returning on your investment. Contact us today to learn more about all the benefits of giving back through real estate donation in New York!

    A free tax deduction and eliminated monthly expenses are just a few of the great money-saving benefits awaiting you.

    How about a other great offers, too! If you’ve tried offloading your New York real estate through other means, (like craigslist, a broker, or short sale). Contact us at 1.888-228-7320 today and look into the additional benefits of donating.

    We can show you just how easy it is to unlock the full market value of your property through a federal tax deduction and the IRS. If you are expecting to owe the government a lot of money this year, donation may be the perfect ticket to reduce your bill. That tax deduction can save you thousands on this year’s taxes owed. You can carry over your federal tax savings now to earn even more if they are tall used up in year one.

    When you are ready to donate your land, home or mobile home to charity, we will be just a phone call away!

    Making a New York real estate donation with us means great benefits to you and your New York community.

    Selling costs you both time and money. A New York real estate donation will save you out of pocket costs with our New York free donation service. Best of all, it takes just minutes over the phone to begin. Check out our FAQ page to see all the great benefits. Save and make a valuable contribution of your New York real estate to your local New York community.

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