Donate LA Commercial property to charity, Much easier than selling! If you have commercial property that you no longer wish to own in Louisiana. consider donating commercial real estate to a great cause!

LA Commercial Property Donations

Louisiana commercial property donation process is fast, easy and convenient! Donate LA commercial real estate

The best time to make your commercial property donation to charity may be right now. We offer a free of charge method to free yourself from your commercial property and still earn full market value. No lawyers need to be involved because we take care of all deed transfer and title paperwork. We even handle the donation forms to lock in the full market value of your commercial property in the form of a federal tax deduction. Learn more today about the thousands of dollars you can earn for your gift to charity by calling 1.888-228-7320 and speaking with one of our team members now. You can also make a donation online through our Louisiana commercial property donation form.


Submit your questions today or your full donation details online instantly, or over the phone through the help of one of our volunteer team members. Once you make a donation to charity you will be eligible for a full market value tax deduction from the IRS. If you are expecting to owe federal taxes this year we recommend taking advantage of this special offer for your commercial property donation.


A commercial property worth $200,000 can easily earn you a $200,000 federal tax deduction. Call today to learn more about federal tax deduction advantages plus all the great gifts that come with commercial property donation.

One quick call to our teams can secure thousands in federal tax savings rewards for you and your commercial property donation in Louisiana.

Commercial property donation from anywhere in Louisiana is 100% free of charge to you. Donation with us ensures a top tier federal tax deduction and allows you to earn the chance to sail away on the Bahamas cruise of a lifetime! When you are ready, we will show you just how beneficial a failing commercial property investment can be. Donate your commercial property today by giving us a call at 1.888-228-7320 or by spending your donation details online through our Louisiana commercial property donation form.

Donate commercial property Louisiana - Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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