Donate WY Farm Land to charity, Much easier than selling! Donate WY Agricultural properties to Real Estate Donation such as pasture land, orchards, aquaculture, greenhouses, recreational land etc.

Donate Farm WY agricultural land

Wyoming farm land donation process is fast, easy and convenient! Donate WY farm / agricultual properties today!

Wyoming is fortunate to have low rates of poverty and unemployment, but there are still members of our community that need help. Charities provide key support for these people, providing food, clothing, and shelter to help people get back on their feet. A Wyoming property donation can help charitable organizations provide services to more people. Donated property can be sold or leased to increase revenue, or the charity may choose to operate out of that location permanently.

Property donation is a relatively simple process: the owner simply signs the deed over to the charity group. From that point forward, the owner is not responsible for taxes, insurance, or fees on the property. Farmland donation enables the charity to access the equity in the property by selling or leasing it, or they can transfer it to another charitable group that has a purpose for the farmland.

You Can Deduct Your Charity Donation from Your Taxes!

One of the best features of property donation is the tax benefits! The full market value of your farmland can be counted as a deduction on your taxes, which will likely reduce the amount you owe come tax time. Check with your attorney or accountant to see how donation can help you. has representatives available right now to talk to you about the benefits of donation! Contact us at 1.888-228-7320 to evaluate your options!

Why Should You Donate Farmland or Property in Wyoming?

-Don’t pay for realtors or insurance fees when you could give the property to charity and reduce your federal taxes for Wyoming!

The farmland donation will dramatically reduce your taxable income, pushing you into a lower tax bracket and giving you the opportunity for a refund! These donations are a vital lifeline for charities that need every penny to help communities thrive in Wyoming!

Keeping unsellable or burdensome farmland has no benefit for most farmland owners. The tax benefits alone are a great reward, but to receive a free trip and the satisfaction of helping your community will only add to your fulfillment! Reach out to by phone and we will help you determine how donation can help you!

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