Donate MN Farm Land to charity, Much easier than selling! Donate MN Agricultural properties to Real Estate Donation such as pasture land, orchards, aquaculture, greenhouses, recreational land etc.

Donate Farm MN agricultural land

Minnesota farm land donation process is fast, easy and convenient! Donate MN farm / agricultual properties today!

Minnesota Farmland Donation

Minnesota is a wonderful state. Home to over four million people, Minnesota is the twenty-first most populated state in the United States. Even though it has many great industries, such as farming, making paper pulp, and mining, there are still those who struggle daily with life in Minnesota.

Farmland Donation Is Simple!

A farmland or property donation is very easy to do, and it benefits you as well as your neighbors. All you need to do is simply sign the farmland deed over with the help of our organization. We take over full responsibility of the farmland and can use it in a variety of ways.


Farmland and Property Donations are Tax-Deductible, and Easily Benefit You as Well
Property donation allows donors to subtract the face value of the farmland from the taxes that they may face paying in the upcoming year. You’ll generally be able to deduct the full value of the Minnesota farmland donation from your taxes, so even if you paid $75,000 for the farmland a few years ago, and the farmland is now worth $155,000, you will be able to deduct the $155,000 from your taxes. Be sure to talk to your tax professional about how the Minnesota farmland donation can best benefit you.


There are many great charities that work to improve the lives of the people of Minnesota, and many of them do the work behind the scenes. From reclaiming farmland to rebuild natural habitats to building homes and play areas for families of all incomes, your local not-for-profits do a lot of work behind the scenes to make everyone’s life better, and to improve the overall level of services available in our state. Give back through Minnesota farmland donation today to help support your favorite causes.

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